Automation infrastructure
for smart contracts

Empowering Web3 users to seamlessly connect to any application and automate any workflow both on- and off-chain

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What we do

We automate Web3 workflows

  • Countless automation

    We are building the infrastructure that empowers Web3 users and developers to automate any workflow

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  • It starts with a trigger

    Ditto Network is allowing anyone to execute functions both on-chain and off-chain when triggered conditions have been met

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Built with

Powerful integrations

Unified automation infrastructure
with a versatile suite of tools

Ditto is a no-code platform for Web3 users with a flexible automation infrastructure for Web3 builders and a seamless integration tools for existing dApps.

  • No-code automation builder

    A new solution for users looking to build, edit and track automation workflows in Web3 & Web2 applications. Our product is the perfect choice for users looking for an efficient, reliable, and secure way to automate their processes.

  • Keeper service

    The next generation of Web 3 transactions automation helping users to create conditional execution of their smart contract functions through a hyper-reliable and decentralized automation platform. It uses a sophisticated system of conditional execution to ensure that users can accurately and securely execute their transactions with a maximum reliability.

  • Unified infrastructure
    for DeFi

    A new solution for users looking to build, edit and track automation workflows in Web3 & Web2 applications. Our product is the perfect choice for users looking for an efficient, reliable, and secure way to automate their processes.

Replacing repetitive tasks for users of any kind

Let’s take a look at everything you can do.

  • Trading
  • Payments
  • Blockchains transactions
  • Defi
  • DAOs
  • Traders can streamline alerts, act based on custom triggers, 
    and trade across any chosen platform with ease.

  • Powering the tracking and converting payments - all automized.

  • Create automation for cross-chain transactions and smart contracts executions in several clicks.

  • Ditto provides no-code builder to automate multiple DeFi protocols. Users can add endless number of actions to a workflow, executed all at once when pre-specified conditions have been met.

  • Automate your DAO management on a set of predefined rules

Contribute your research and ideas to the Ditto Discussion Forum

Let’s build the future of automations together!
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Killer features to build

  • Decentralized infrastructure

    Ditto helps to execute scheduled transactions on time in a secure and transparent manner

  • Omnichain technology

    Opportunity to automate interchain workflows on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more to come.

  • Workflow templates

    Ditto provides a ready-to-use library for the latest DeFi primitives and any imagible combinations

  • Conditional routers

    Automatically route tasks based on certain conditions and both on-chain and off-chain events.

  • Connecting Web 2 and Web 3

    The automation builder has a seamless integration between Web 2 and Web 3 tools and platforms

  • Custom triggers

    Users can create custom triggers for their workflows based on their specific needs

Limitless tools to scale and automate your product

Ditto SDK is a powerful library of tools and functionalities that can help Web3 developers build and scale decentralized applications with ease while also providing the flexibility to customize and integrate with the latest DeFi primitives.

  • Automation Tools

    The Ditto SDK includes automation tools that allow developers to automate tasks and processes

  • Custom Integrations

    The SDK enables developers to build custom integrations with other Web3 technologies and platforms

  • Security and Compliance

    The Ditto SDK includes a range of security and compliance tools to help developers ensure that their dApps are working in a proper way.

  • Automatic cross-chain interaction

    Create a code as if it runs on a single chain. Ditto takes care of cross-chain calls and secure bridge execution layers.

  • Automation Tools
  • Custom Integrations
  • Security and Compliance
  • Automatic cross-chain interaction
Build with Ditto

Explore how you can use Ditto

Choose from hundreds of pre-built workflow templates and install one in seconds. You can use our templates out-of-the-box or tweak them to meet your exact needs.

  • Leverage your WBTC/ETH positions

    Author: Ditto platform

  • Distribute your tokens and NFTs to multiple wallet addresses at once

    Author: Ditto platform

  • Cross-chain rebalancing between WBTC/ETH pools

    Author: Ditto platform

  • Claiming & Compounding

    Author: Ditto platform

  • Limit, TWAP and Stop-loss orders for AMM pools

    Author: Ditto platform

  • 0% interest rates on USDT/USDC against your ETH
    • Curve DAO Token

    Author: Ditto platform

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